This lovely, handmade bracelet, with it's understated design, is perfect for everyday wear. It's made up of round lepidolite beads along with tiny garnet and clear quartz beads. The beads sit on a nylon-coated, stainless steel wire, joined with a silver plated lobster clasp. This bracelet measures at 7.25 inches. Team up with one of our bracelet friends for easy fastening.


Lepidolite - usually in the lilac/gray/purple colour range is believed to help with nerve related disorders, joint pain and is believed to help strengthen the immune system. Lepidolite is also believed to detoxify emotions and bring a calm and soothing emotional well being, as well as soothing personality disorders and helping with psychological illnesses. 


Clear quartz - colourless and sparkling, is believed to heal and energize the body. Clear quartz is also believed to help with diabetes, metabolism and weight loss.


Garnet - a deep red in colour, is believed to bring courage and hope, and can revitalise, purify and balance energy, bringing serenity. Garnet is believed to detoxify blood, as well as the heart and lungs. 

Lepidolite, garnet and clear quartz bracelet


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