This handy bracelet friend is made up of 3 links featuring spherical lepidolite and tiny clear quartz beads, with a large silver plated lobster clasp at the top. 

Use this bracelet friend to help you fasten bracelets using the following steps (as pictured):

1. Attach the clasp of the bracelet friend to the ring on your bracelet.

2. Hold the bracelet friend to the heal of your hand and hold your bracelet clasp open.

3. Wrap your bracelet around your wrist.

4. Allow the bracelet friend to hold your bracelet in place whilst you attach the clasp.

5. Unattach the bracelet friend, and pop in your jewellery box. 


Lepidolite - usually in the lilac/gray/purple colour range is believed to help with nerve related disorders, joint pain and is believed to help strengthen the immune system. Lepidolite is also believed to detoxify emotions and bring a calm and soothing emotional well being, as well as soothing personality disorders and helping with psychological illnesses. 


Clear quartz - colourless and sparkling, is believed to heal and energize the body. Clear quartz is also believed to help with diabetes, metabolism and weight loss.

Lepidolite bracelet friend


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