This gorgeous, handmade, diffuser pendant is made up of Lava stone beads, perfectly complimented with a howlite bead in the middle. These beads sit on a silver plated link, on a black cord measuring approximately 17 inches, extending to 19 inches.

Drop essential oil onto the black lava stone to help you through the day. Eucalypyus works especially well when suffering from a cold.


Lava stone - brown, gray or black in colour is made from solidified volcanic material, and is believed to draw out pain and illness. Try dropping essential oils onto the lava stone, to help with different ailments.


Howlite - White in colour with gray/black web like veins is believed to help with bone and joint pain, including arthritis. White howlite is also believed to have a calming effect on both adults and children.

Howlite diffuser pendant


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