Rose Quartz, A Truly Magical Crystal

My love of jewellery started when I was a child, I was forever sat playing with ribbon or anything I could find, to make friendship bracelets for anyone who would accept them. Later on in life I worked for a well known jewellery store, where I learnt the basic techniques as well as obtaining my Jet 1 diploma. My love of jewellery grew even more, but there was always a love of original, one of a kind, bespoke jewellery.

You will notice that I use a lot of gemstones in my jewellery creations. The reason i do this is because i very much believe in the healing power of crystals. Today i wanted to talk to you about Rose Quartz, a truly magical crystal.

Rose quartz is pink in colour and is connected to the Heart Chakra. This beautiful stone is the bringer of unconditional love, compassion, peace and healing.

Rose quartz is effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, as well as helping to develop a closer bond with family or friends.

This wonderful crystal is believed to help dissolve emotional wounds, including healing mothers after a complicated birth, overcoming

abuse, and helping with depression, especially post natal depression. Rose quartz can also help with fertility.

Rose quartz can help with circulation, headaches and skin conditions, especially stress related skin conditions.

Keep Rose Quartz in the bedroom, to help prevent nightmares and night terrors for both adults and children.

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