Catch up with Sarah

Hi, how are you all doing?

I thought I would write a little blog, just to say hi and share some new and exciting things coming to Xanthe Jewellery, some are already here.

It has been a very scary time recently and I hope you are all doing ok. Not only am I trying to build a business, but I also want to create a community. In these scary times especially, we have to stick together. So pop over onto my Facebook or Instagram and say hi.

So what's new at Xanthe Jewellery, I have been busy at my desk creating lots of new makes for you to enjoy, there are new handmade wire wrapped pendants every week.

Blue Onyx - Blue in colour is a strength giving crystal believed to help with emotion, physical and mental stress. Blue onyx is also believed to centre your energy and strengthen your intuition, as well as balancing your yin and yang energies.

Lepidolite - usually in the lilac/gray/purple colour range is believed to help with nerve related disorders, joint pain and is believed to help strengthen the immune system. Lepidolite is also believed to detoxify emotions and bring a calm and soothing emotional well being, as well as soothing personality disorders and helping with psychological illnesses. 

I have also introduced some gorgeous crystals including buddhas, elephants, hearts and worry stones.

Worry stones are great to carry around in you pocket or handbag, to hold and rub when you are nervous or stressed.

Blue goldstone - usually blue in colour with golden sparkles, is believed to assist with the relief of migraines, headaches, epilepsy and visual disturbances, as well as helping to relieve stomach complaints, stemming from anxiety.  Blue goldstone is also an uplifting stone, believed to promote vitality and a positive attitude.

Clear quartz - colourless and sparkling, is believed to heal and energize the body. Clear quartz is also believed to help with diabetes, metabolism and weight loss.

I also have a few pendulums in, ready to load to the website in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

Sarah x

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